Seigen Suris Alfie 2013 WA State Sieger, Ex. Merit

Photo: Seigen Suris Alfie

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Photo: Seiegen Suris Alfie AZ BSCI EX Merit 4yrs
Courtesy Tracy Roberts

Pedigree Seigen Suris Alfie


S: *Seigen Vantage Point S: *Pino vom Drei Birkenzwinger S: *Fello vom Farbenspiel
D: *Aisha vom Drei Birkenzwinger
D: *Seigen All For Love S:  *Troy von der Noriswand
D: *Whoopi vom Arminius
D: *Kazkiri Suri S: *Igor von Pallas Athene S: *Drago von Pallas Athene
D: *Ilexa vom Schloß Querenburg
D: *Kazkiri Dana Scully S: *Aimsway Abacus
D: *Hilltop Vroni

Breed Survey

General Description:

A large , strong, substantial, black & tan dog of overall harmonious construction. Very good head & expression with dark eyes & very good planes of the skull. Good length of neck & high withers, firm, straight back. & very good croup. Correct angulation of both the fore & hindquarter,. Very good fore & underchest development. Stands correct in front. Steps correct coming & going. Dispays a far reaching, powerful, free flowing gait where the topline remains firm. Sel f assured in character & gunsure.  Double P1 upper right.

Temperament & Gun Sureness:
Character:  reliable,  good-natured
Watchfulness: very alert
Condition of nerves:  firm
Confidence:  self assured, outgoing
Reaction to gun test: self assured

Particular Virtues & Faults:
A richly pigmented beautifully colours masculine male of excellent type. Correct angulation of both the fore & hindquarter & a very balanced overall German Shepherd Dog.


Advice for Selection of a breeding partner:
Suitable for bitches requiring correction or consolidation of type, colour & angulation of the fore & hindquarter. To consolidate his normal elbow result only suitable for bitches with normal elbows.

Breed Surveyor - Mr Bruce Knight

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Contact Details

Chris Gallacher
Pakenham, VIC, Australia
Phone : 0408936393
Email : [email protected]