Seigen Peggy

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Pedigree Seigen Peggy

S: *Fasties Elle Willy Wonka S: *Solos vom Team Fiemereck S: *Nero vom Nöbachtal
D: *Zala vom Fiemereck
D: *Fasties Vienna S: *Hoss vom Lärchenhain
D: *Daggi vom Laacher-Haus
D: *Seigen Ursula S: *Pino vom Drei Birkenzwinger S: * Fello vom Farbenspiel
D: *Aisha vom Drei Birkenzwinger
D: *Cherry Pie S: *Troy von der Noriswand
D: *Fremont Yours Truly


Breed Survey

General Description:
Large, substantial, well constructed bitch of very good type & proportions. Strong, femine head, good brown eyes & masking. Stands with a level wither, firm back, slightly short & steep croup. Good angulation of the forequarter, very good hindquarter angulation. Good fore & underchest development. Stands not quite correct in front. Steps slightly close going, wide coming. Shows balanced movement with good reach & drive. Presented herself calmly at survey & is gunsure.

Temperament & Gun Sureness:
Character: trustworthy, reliable, lively, good natured
Watchfulness: alert
Condition of nerves: firm
Confidence: self assured, outgoing
Reaction to gun test: self assured

Particular Virtues & Faults:
Large, substantial, well coated & coloured bitch where the saddle markings should ideally be more pronounced Se has good fore & hindquarter angulation. Good movement with slight restrictions in reach & drive..

Advice for Selection of a breeding partner:
Recommended to the lines of Kwint Juerikstall, Jimmy Baruther Land may be advantageous. Due consideration must be given to lowering the hip/elbow score in the next generation.

Breed Surveyor
Mrs H Gross-Richardson

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