Seigen Opal Fire

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Pedigree Seigen Opal Fire

S: *Seigen Vantage Point S: *Pino vom Drei Birkenzwinger S: *Fello vom Farbenspiel
D: *Aisha vom Drei Birkenzwinger
D: *Seigen All For Love S: *Troy von der Noriswand
D: *Whoopi von Arminius
D: * Seigen Incandescent S: *Eisenland Fernando S: * Uno von der Urbecke
D: * Iccara Xitement
D: *Seigen Jabira S: * Troy von der Noriswand
D: *Hinterhaus Tempest


Breed Survey

General Description:
Very large, strong, very well proportioned, balanced bitch of very good brood type. Very good head & expression with correct eye colour, high, long withers, firm straight back, croup is of good lay but should be longer. Very good fore & hindquarter angulation with correct balance of fore & underchest development. Stands correct in front. Steps correctly going, slightly wide coming. Powerful dynamic movement with expansive reach & drive, maintaining correct outline. Firm in character & is gunsure

Temperament & Gun Sureness
Character: reliable, lively, good natured
Watchfulness: very alert
Condition of nerves:  firm
Confidence:  self assured, outgoing
Reaction to gun test: self assured

Particular Virtues & Faults:
Standing on the upper limit of size, a strong, beautifully constructed bitch without exaggeration.

Advice for Selection of a breeding partner:
Suggest a mediu size dog with correct croup to cement her excellent virtues. Connection to the lines of Jimm Baruther Land could be advantageous. No further line breeing to Troy Noriswand is recommended. Care to be exercised with elbows in selection of breeding partner. Only suitable for males with an excellent percentage of normal elbows.

Breed Surveyor:  
Mrs R Knuckey

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