Remarkable Achievements

Seigen supports the Breed Improvement Schemes
We have been awarded the Gold Medal & Award for Exellence by the German Shepherd Dog Council of Australia for successfully presenting  over 100 GSDs  to the HD (Hip Dysplasia) Sceme and the Gold Medal for presenting 100 GSDs to the ED (Elbow Dysplasia) Scheme.

Breed Surveyed GSDs
Seigen has successfully presented over 50 animals to the Breed Survey Scheme.

Main Breed & National Highlights
Main Breed Exhibition
2003 Intermediate Bitch Winner - Seigen Jorja Breed Survey Class 1 Excellent Merit
2003 Intermediate Dog Winner Seigen Jaafaru Breed Survey Class 1 Excellent Merit

GSDCA National
Class Winners
2005 Junior Bitch Seigen Cherry Pie AZ
2007 Minor Dog Seigen Vantage Point
Class Placegetters
2005 6th Minor Bitch Seigen Falicienne
2005 5th Junior Dog Seigen Dragon Heart
206 2nd Baby Puppy Bitch Seigen Miss Know it All
2006 3rd Puppy Bitch Seigen Incandescant
2007 9th Minor Puppy Bitch Seigen Virtuosity
2007 4th Junior Dog Seigen Party Starter
2008 5th Puppy Dog Give It To Me
2008 10th Open Bitch Seigen Ylang Ylang
2009 6th Puppy Bitch Seigen Opal Fire
2009 3rd Intermediate Dog Seigen Jack Sparrow
2009 7th Intermediate Dog Seigen Give It To Me
2010 2nd Baby Dog Seigen Crunchies Time Out
2010 2nd Minor Dog Seigen Willies Charlie
2010 10th Intermediate Bitch Seigen Opal Fire
2010 7th Open Bitch Seigen Ylang Ylang
2011 5th Baby Puppy Dog Seigen Hogans Heros
2011 9th Minor Puppy Dog Seigen Suris Alfie
2011 2nd Junior Dog Seigen Crunchies Time Out
2011 6th Minor Puppy Bitch Seigen Genie in a Bottle
2012 2nd Junior Dog Seigen Rocket Man
2012 4th Intermediate Dog Seigen Suris Alfie

Contact Details

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